Moldovan wine producer, Asconi Corporation, today announced it has acquired an additional wine factory in an effort to further entrench itself as the country's largest independent winemaker.

"The acquisition took place in order to meet demand for the company's wine products," a statement said.

Constantin Jitaru, president of Asconi, said: "The acquisition of SA Fabrica de vinuri din Puhoi has allowed us to increase our wine output, storage capacity and product offerings. Puhoi has a large production capacity of 10,000 tons and can currently store over 3.3 million gallons of wine."

Jitaru continued: "We are also excited because the acquisition of Puhoi has allowed Asconi to expand our product offerings. We are currently marketing and selling Puhoi brands, such as Traminer of Puhoi, Pinot of Puhoi and DOC."

Puhoi has operated under a lease agreement prior to the date of acquisition.

About Asconi Corporation
Asconi, has well over 200 products and controls over 10% of the market for Moldovan wines imported into Russia.