The Glenmorangie Co is Moët Hennessys Scotch whisky subsidiary

The Glenmorangie Co is Moët Hennessy's Scotch whisky subsidiary

Moët Hennessy's Scotch whisky subsidiary, The Glenmorangie Co, has asked the public to choose the packaging for its next single malt Scotch.

The Cask Masters programme, which aims to get consumers more involved in the whisky-making process, will today (3 December) put three label and carton designs to an online vote. The designs were made by branding expert Jon Davies from pictures and ideas sent in by the public.

Davies, who works for London design agency Butterfly Cannon, said today: “The images and ideas have been perfect for the designers, sparking compelling brand and product stories.”

Votes can be cast at Glenmorangie's website and voting will remain open until 6 January.

The online poll is the third of five in the Cask Masters programme to come up with a new whisky. The liquid, extra-matured in Manzanilla sherry casks, was selected in a similar process, and the public picked the name Taghta (Tuh-ta), Gaelic for “chosen”. 

Glenmorangie said future votes will allow consumers to chose photographs of the whisky and the location of the launch event.

In September, Moet Hennessy confirmed that Paul Skipworth, the head of The Glenmorangie Co, was taking time out from the role “for personal reasons”. Skipworth is being temporarily replaced by Marc Hoellinger, the marketing strategy director for Moët Hennessy's wine and spirits business.