Moai Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of e-commerce infrastructure for online transactions, today announced that, the leading online business-to-business marketplace for the $100 billion global wine industry, has selected Moai's LiveExchange(TM) solution to power its online marketplace. connects winegrowers, wineries, suppliers, and retailers, and provides convenient access to products, services, and real-time market information for every link in the wine industry value chain. Using Moai's LiveExchange online negotiation e-commerce solution, WineryExchange aims to facilitate transactions between commercial buyers and sellers within the wine industry by providing an efficient, virtual marketplace. WineryExchange joins a growing list of vertical marketplace exchanges and corporations that have also selected Moai as the vendor-of-choice to power their e-negotiations to help lower costs and raise profit margins.

"By creating more transparent and efficient pricing of goods, Moai's LiveExchange helps us create a dynamic marketplace to support the complex buying needs of our global participants," said Mei-lin Cheng, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering of WineryExchange. "We evaluated different vendors and concluded that Moai offered the most advanced functionality such as multi-parameter bidding capabilities that allow our customers to negotiate across a broad spectrum of criteria in addition to price."

WineryExchange's online marketplace serves a highly fragmented wine industry that spans several continents. Last year, 100 million gallons of table wines were imported to the United States alone. Traditional ways of doing business in the wine industry (e.g., "phone tag," fax, paperwork, etc.) have created a communications obstacle, resulting in an inability to access valuable knowledge about the best wine lots, availability of regional grapes, and pricing to help make better purchasing and selling decisions.

By improving communications and transactions between buyers and sellers, Moai's solution helps WineryExchange level the playing field for all participants. For example, wineries can now access information about producers, suppliers, and retailers and negotiate for goods and services across a spectrum of criteria including price, payment terms, quantity, harvest quality, shipment, and other factors. With Moai, WineryExchange can help its customers streamline business operations, obtain better market data, sell product faster and more cost-effectively, while extending their market reach.

"Moai is pleased that WineryExchange has selected us to power its online marketplace," stated Arnold Waldstein, Moai Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Alliances. "Their selection validates Moai's LiveExchange as providing the most advanced negotiating technology for complex online marketplaces."

About WineryExchange

WineryExchange is a neutral, online business-to-business marketplace serving winegrowers, wineries, suppliers, and retailers. Founded in 1999 by leading wine industry, financial, and technology executives, the company provides products, services, and real-time market information for every link in the wine industry value chain -- "from the dirt to the bottle." Recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the most promising B2B exchanges on the Internet, the Web site is also the premier forum for news, analysis, and discussion of issues affecting the wine industry worldwide. WineryExchange has received financial backing from venture investors Venrock Associates, 3i, and vTraction, and from prominent angel investors including Draper Richards and Fred Warren, founder of Brentwood Associates. The company is based in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in Novato and San Bruno, California.

About Moai

Moai is an e-commerce infrastructure provider, offering online negotiation solutions that can lower costs and raise profit margins. By automating contract negotiations and bringing traditional bidding to the Web, Moai's LiveExchange(TM) solutions deliver global reach and increased supplier competition to corporations and net market makers. Many Moai customers have realized savings of 25 percent or more on purchases of materials and services and up to 70 percent in administrative overhead by leveraging LiveExchange for strategic sourcing. Moai has become a leader in the e-commerce market with more than 140 customers worldwide. Moai investors include market leaders such as Andersen Consulting, BroadVision, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Merrill Lynch, Reuters, and UPS. Founded in 1996, Moai Technologies, Inc., is headquartered at 25 Lusk Street, San Francisco, CA 94107, telephone: 415-625-0601; FAX: 415-625-1200;