SABMiller has said that it is unlikely that the headquarters of its proposed US joint venture with Molson Coors will be in either Denver or Milwaukee, despite having "a significant presence in both" locations.

Molson Coors is based in Denver and Montreal, while SABMiller's Miller Brewing Co. is based in Milwaukee with SABMiller based in London, but Coors has recently said that "a neutral site would be important".

Speaking to just-drinks today (14 February), a spokesperson for SABMiller said: "At this stage, no decision has been made about the JV headquarters location and no cities have been ruled out. In fact, the selection process has not even begun since there are a number of steps that need to come first like determining which functions might be best located together in a central headquarters and which functions would operate effectively in existing locations."

In an interview with Rocky Mountain News yesterday, Molson Coors vice chairman Pete Coors was cited as saying: "If you pick one city over another, people in the other city will say, 'They're running the deal.' I don't think that's particularly healthy."

Molson Coors.and SABMiller unvieled the joint venture in the US in October. The deal is still awaiting regulatory approval.