Northwest Airlines is to offer Miller Lite on all of its flights. The airline made the announcement yesterday (3 May).

"As Milwaukee's longest-serving airline, we are proud to offer one of the city's best-known products, made by one of Milwaukee's most respected companies, to our customers around the world," said Jim Cron, vice president of domestic revenue management at Northwest Airlines.

Miller Lite will be served aboard Northwest and Northwest Airlink-operated flights with beverage service beginning this month and phased in on all flights over the next several weeks.

The airline is expected to purchase more than 700,000 cans annually to be served aboard its fleet of 659 aircraft. Last year, Northwest and its Northwest Airlink partners, Mesaba Airlines and Pinnacle Airlines, carried a total of more than 67m passengers.

Northwest offers complimentary beer, wine, specialty drinks, spirits, liqueurs and soft drinks in domestic first class as well as in World Business Class and coach class on international flights. Beer is available for sale on most domestic coach class flights for a nominal fee.