Miller Brewing Co. has ditched plans to launch a fruit-flavoured malt beverage in the US. The company said yesterday (15 August) that testing in Richmond, Virginia, in Tampa, Florida and in Seattle of Brutal Fruit over the last few months had not been popular.

The 5% ABV fruit juice was to have been available in strawberry, mango, litchi and kiwi flavours. Brutal Fruit has been on sale in South Africa, through parent company SABMiller, since 2002.

"We will aggressively look at products that have had success in other parts of the world for SABMiller," Miller spokesman Peter Marino told AP newswires. "But we're going to be very disciplined in what we ask our system to focus on and support."

Last week, rival brewer Anheuser-Busch announced that it will launch a raspberry-flavoured, caffeinated malt beverage, called Tilt. The new drink is expected to be in full distribution in the US by October.