The Miller Brewing Co. has challenged Anheuser-Busch to match the wager placed on its Blue Deuce Miller Lite car finishing ahead of the Budweiser car in the final NASCAR Sprint Cup in the US.

The company said yesterday (6 February) that it has wagered US$25,000 on its Miller Lite NASCAR Sprint Cup team beating the Budweiser car at the Palms Casino Resort and has written to A-B chief August Busch IV, encouraging him to take part in the charity-led challenge. Should Miller win the bet, it will donate the winnings to the Kurt Busch Foundation charity.

Miller's president and CEO Tom Long said: "Even though it is a big spread, we have a ton of confidence that the Miller Lite Dodge will come out on top."

This is the third consecutive year Miller Lite has engaged A-B in a friendly challenge in the days leading up to the start of the NASCAR season. In the last two years, A-B has declined Miller's offer.

Long added: "Both companies have a great racing tradition, and we historically love to compete. This is just a fun way to add more interest to the sport and to our beers. In the spirit of friendly competitiveness, I hope they'll accept."