Miller Brewing and the American Motorcyclist Association have partnered to promote a safe motorcycle riding practises and responsible alcohol consumption campaign across the US.

The SABMiller-owned unit said yesterday (27 September) that the joint venture, called Keep Your Balance, will involve server training for retailers, training resources for riders, educational materials, retail involvement and promotion, incentive giveaways, outdoor advertising and prepaid phone cards offering responsible riding tips.

Miller Brewing alcohol responsibility manager Diane Wagner said: "Our goal with Keep Your Balance is to provide motorcycle enthusiasts and local retailers with information about how to reduce irresponsible motorcycle riding, due to over-consumption of alcohol, unsafe riding practises or insufficient training, The riders recognise the need for this type of programme and Miller and the AMA look forward to expanding our reach at several upcoming events."

AMA president and CEO Rob Dingman added: "Training is one of the best things a rider can do for themselves and others on the road. Our aim is to help spread awareness and encourage riders to use good judgment. Educational programs like Keep Your Balance are crucial for decreasing the number of alcohol-related motorcycle crashes occurring today."