The new packaging

The new packaging

Mike's Hard Lemonade Co has launched three of its beverages in eight-ounce cans as it seeks to take share from spirits and cocktails.

The US company rolled out Harder Lemonade, Harder Black Cherry Lemonade and Hard Smashed Apple Ale in the smaller can this month, it said today (17 June). The flavours are available in 12-packs and single serve. 

The company said the eight-ounce cans, manufactured by Rexam, represent a “growth opportunity”. According to its own research, 52% of consumers who consume eight-ounce servings of Mike's Harder Lemonade say it is in place of a spirit or cocktail. 

“This unique packaging option is another way that we are responding to the needs and wants of our customers who are increasingly looking for ways to incorporate their favourite drinks into their busy, on-the-go lives,” a spokesperson for Mike's said.

The cans are available at grocery, liquor and convenience channels in the US.

The alcoholic lemonade category increased in April with the launch of Carlsberg's Seth & Riley's Garage in Canada and Europe.