Meridian USA Holdings Inc. (OTCBB:MUSD) announced today the unveiling of the Company's latest sports refresher beverage, "Champion Lyte," at the National Association of Convenience Stores held October 22-24 in New Orleans. The Company received an overwhelming response to the new product, ChampionLyte, a healthy alternative beverage with zero carbohydrates, zero sugar and no calories, bringing real competition to existing name brands in the sports drink category. Over 25,000 consumers and vendors were in attendance at the New Orleans NACS convention and "ChampionLyte received outstanding reviews in taste tests and product comments resulting in several purchase orders for Meridian USA with major vendors including over 5,600 locations in Florida," stated Alan Posner, CEO of Meridian USA. ChampionLyte presents a unique alternative so you can reap the benefits of electrolyte replacement through a delicious sugar free, carbohydrate free and no calorie satisfying drink designed for the active, healthy lifestyle. The new product line is a timely addition to the Company's diverse menu of unique sugar free, fat free products and healthy snacks. Ask your local store for great tasting ChampionLyte and Sweet'N Low sugar free, fat free ice cream syrups manufactured by Meridian USA Holdings.