The Mendocino Wine Co (MWC) has settled a long-running dispute with former president Paul Dolan and won full control of his namesake brands.

The Californian wine maker said this week it has resolved “all legal issues” with Dolan, who as part of the agreement relinquished his minority ownership in MWC. Dolan receives no financial compensation but MWC has dropped all pending litigation related to his termination as president, the company said. 

“With this resolution, we will continue to exercise full control over all aspects of our Paul Dolan brands,” MWC added.

According to Wines & Vines, the dispute goes back to 2012 when Dolan was removed from his post at MWC. The company reportedly accused Dolan, who owned 30% of the company, of an alleged breach of fiduciary duties and fraud.

Speaking to Wines & Vines this week about the settlement, Dolan said: “The only ones getting money out of this are the lawyers... I had a 30% share, and ended with nothing. They have my name and the brands.”