Phil Ryan, winemaker at Australian producer McWilliam's Wines, is visiting the UK to launch a campaign to help consumers understand more about wine.

Ryan has launched a new plain speaking guide to wine, which has been endorsed by the UK's Plain English Campaign, after research revealed that UK consumers often misunderstand notoriously flowery "wine-speak".

One in four Britons stick to the house wine in restaurants because they do not understand descriptions on menus, according to the McWilliam's research, carried out by NOP. The survey also suggested that British consumers spend more than GBP90m a year on bottles they are not entirely sure about.

"Less then a third of Brits actually understand the language used in a restaurant or bar let alone from the wine industry," said Ryan. "It's a real shame that flowery wine talk has been allowed to get in the way of people enjoying wine. Over a third of Brits (35%) said it actually put them off finding out more about wine. Hopefully Brits will respond well to our campaign. According to our research 70% of consumers in the UK trust Australians to 'tell it like it is' and we're happy to oblige."

The McWilliam's plain speaking guide includes background on winemaking and aims to help consumers develop their own wine tasting vocabulary.