Maxxium is the UK distributor for Famous Grouse

Maxxium is the UK distributor for Famous Grouse

The Famous Grouse's links to Scottish rugby will continue after a new three-year sponsorship deal was signed, its UK distributor Maxxium has said.  

The "six-figure" deal sees Edrington Group-owned Famous Grouse become the national team's official spirit brand, with its latest innovation, Ginger Grouse leading the activity, Maxxium said yesterday (16 January). Ginger Grouse, an alcoholic ginger beer, was launched in Scotland in September and will roll out across the UK this April, Maxxium said.

The Famous Grouse has been a sponsor of Scottish rugby since 1990

“It is appropriate that Ginger Grouse takes a lead on this new sponsorship package, as it was during our first partnership with Scottish Rugby that Famous Grouse served with ginger beer first became popular,” Maxxium's marketing director Peter Sandstrom said.

Edrington runs Maxxium UK in partnership with Beam Global Spirits & Wine.