The Makers Mark Bourbon & Bespoke campaign will run in the UK this Summer

The Maker's Mark 'Bourbon & Bespoke' campaign will run in the UK this Summer

Maxxium UK has revealed plans for a marketing campaign for Beam Global Sprits & Wine's Maker's Mark Bourbon brand.

The sales and distribution company, jointly-owned by Beam Global and The Edrington Group, said earlier this week that the push, entitled 'Bourbon & Bespoke', is the first time the brand has received the backing of a fully-integrated campaign in the country.

The promotion, which begins across the UK in the on-trade in July, encourages consumers to order a Maker's Mark drink in participating bars, for a chance to win a GBP5,000 (US$8,000) clothing allowance, as well as other customised prizes. An off-trade neck-hanger promotion, set to run nationwide from August, will offer the same prizes.

Meanwhile, Maxxium said that it would be targeting Edinburgh throughout July. Bourbon & Bespoke nights in several bars around the city will offer consumers a quiz with interactive challenges and the chance sample Maker's Mark cocktails. Additional sampling will take place at locations in Edinburgh including Waverly station, backed by an outdoor advertising campaign.   

For the first time, Maxxium said it would also be using social media, including Facebook and advertising on the Funny or Die website in July and on Spotify in August. A partnership with Top Table offers complimentary Bourbon tastings at top restaurants. 

Details of the campaign spend were not disclosed.