Red Stag by Jim Beam ad to air in UK for Christmas

Red Stag by Jim Beam ad to air in UK for Christmas

Beam Inc and its co-owned distributor in the UK, Maxxium UK, have launched their first advertising campaign for Red Stag cherry-infused Bourbon in the country.

Maxxium will use an online advert to raise awareness of Red Stag by Jim among young people aged between 18 and 24 years, it said today (29 November). Under the tag 'a different breed of Bourbon', the ad will air between the end of November and January 2012.

The distributor, which is co-owned by Beam and Edrington Group, said that the Red Stag advert will aired via video-on-demand channels, such as Skyplayer, 4OD, ITV Player, Demand 5 and YouTube. It is expected to reach an audience of around 10m.

Maxxium UK's marketing controller for Red Stag, Eileen Livingston, said: "The roll-out of our new online campaign demonstrates our commitment to the success of Red Stag and bringing new consumers into the Jim Beam brand and the bourbon category as a whole." She added: "We chose to advertise Red Stag on VOD channels as it is the perfect fit for our target consumer."

To view the ad, see below.