Martini is to relaunch its television advertising campaign in the UK.

The 'Wishes' advert, featuring George Clooney and British actress Lisa Snowdon, will air from 1 December. The advert opens on a party with a suited man walking down a corridor towards the party.

A voiceover says: "It's your party and you're allowed one little wish". Inside the apartment, the door bell rings and Lisa Snowdon opens it to find George Clooney standing there. She exclaims, "George!" He gives her a smile and says "Ciao". But seeing he is empty-handed, Lisa asks "No Martini?" and promptly shuts the door in his face.

The voiceover continues: "OK, you're allowed two little wishes". The bell goes again and now George is at the door with a bottle of Martini in hand. Lisa takes the bottle from him and shuts the door in his face once more, leaving George outside the party. The ad closes with the strapline "What would you wish for?"

In addition to the full-length 30 second ad, a 10 second cut-down will be aired in the run up to Christmas Day. In total, there will be 450 transmissions throughout the campaign and the ad is expected to be seen at least five times by Martini's core 35 - 50 year old female audience.

Caroline Herbert, marketing manager for Martini vermouth said: "Martini sells approximately one third of its annual sales in the run up to Christmas so it's vital for us to have a strong national presence."

The advert will be supported with the launch of a UK specific website, A direct mail campaign targeting 85,000 Martini drinkers will direct consumers to the site to view the 'Wishes' ad.