North Lake Wines is introducing new packaging for Marcus James, the leading Argentine wine brand in the US, this autumn.

The introduction of bilingual messaging is specifically aimed at increasing the brand's sales to Spanish-speaking consumers, the Constellation Brands-owned unit said yesterday (16 October). The new look also includes updated graphics and varietal-specific colour coding with matching foil graphics.

"Marcus James has been a great success in the US and has continued to grow over the years," said Bethany DiSanto, director of marketing at North Lake Wines. "With more and more Americans speaking both Spanish and English, we believe that this new label will have wider consumer appeal. It is bright, eye-catching, and iconic, reinforcing the brand's Argentine heritage."

North Lakes added that, according to a Wine Market Council study published in May last year, the US Spanish-speaking community is emerging as a leading wine consumer group. Wine consumption among Spanish-speakers is increasing more than any other ethnic group, the study states, with 31% consuming more wine now than they did previously. Imported wines are popular with Spanish-speaking consumers, with a particular preference for wines from Chile and Argentina.

Marcus James has a 26% share of the Argentina wine category in the US, three times that of the next largest Argentine brand.