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Marblehead Brand Development's Davna Bizon

Category - Spirits, vodka, Poland, 40% abv

Available - From this month

Location - UK, specific locations not released

Price - RRP of GBP17.99 (US$27.90) per 50cl bottle

Distribution - Marblehead

Marblehead has tapped into the bison grass sub-category of the UK's vodka sector. The sub-category has been dominated by Zubrowka, which is owned by Central European Distribution Corp.

Zubrowka was previously distributed in the UK by Marblehead until William Grant & Sons' First Drinks unit took over earlier this year.

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Davna Bizon

24th July 2012 

Marblehead Brand Development is delighted to announce the launch of a new addition to its Davna range of Polish vodkas, Davna Bizon. Made to a traditional Polish recipe, Davna Bizon captures the unique taste of bison grass, the favoured food of the bison that roam the ancient forests of Eastern Poland. Bison grass has been used to flavour Polish vodka for hundreds of years, imparting its distinct flavour of almonds, jasmine and herbs.  

Davna Bizon is part of Marblehead’s new range of premium vodka brands. Dave Steward, Business Development Director says, “The timing was right to launch Davna and bring a range of crafted premium brands to the UK. We launched Davna Czeri, flavoured naturally with Polish cherries, last year to much acclaim and we are delighted to bring Marblehead’s years of experience in the Polish vodka market to bear, with the launch of this second flavour in the Davna portfolio.” Dave continues, “We’ve been working closely with our Master Distiller in Poland on Davna Bizon and have found that the best combination is 40% AbV combined with a secret proportion of extract of bison grass. We look forward to unearthing more Polish vodka treasures in the coming months and being able to introduce trade and consumers to different styles of Polish vodka and a range of flavours at the heart of their vodka renaissance.”

Notes to Editors

The name Davna (Dawna) means ‘old-school/like it used to be/vintage’ in Polish. Bison Grass vodka is a category of Polish vodkas made with bison grass which is hand picked from the last primeval forest in Europe, located in Eastern Poland. Legend has it that it gives strength and longevity.

Polish vodka has long been appreciated for its quality and authenticity. Picasso famously said: “The three most astonishing things of the past half-century are Cubism, the Blues and Polish vodka.”  Polish vodka was also included as a luxury item served on Concorde’s maiden flight in 1969.

The Davna range of vodkas is owned by Marblehead Brand Development. In 1994, Marblehead owner, Ricky Agnew, and Business Development Director, Dave Steward, began travelling to Poland and visiting distilleries, wholesalers and liquor stores where they began to unearth Poland’s vodka treasures, whilst trying to find a vodka brand to distribute to satisfy the UK’s interest.  

Marblehead has over the last 20 years developed and distributed the following vodka brands in the UK:  Absolut, Wyborowa, Luksusowa, Polska and Zubrowka.

Davna Bizon RRP: £17.99 AbV: 40% 70cl


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