Makers Mark is being cut to 42% abv

Maker's Mark is being cut to 42% abv

The son of the founder of Beam Inc's Maker's Mark has responded to critics over plans to cut the Bourbon's abv, arguing that it has not been "screwed up" and tastes the same.

Bill Samuels Jr, whose father first produced the brand in the 1950s, has posted a reply on the Beam-owned brand's website. It comes after the group revealed yesterday that it is reducing the Bourbon's abv from 45% to 42% to keep pace with demand.

The move sparked a strong reaction on Twitter, with some people criticising the "watering down" of the famous whiskey.

But Samuels, the chairman of Maker's Mark, responded saying that all Bourbon brands are cut with water "to achieve the desired proof for bottling". He added: "Maker's Mark has always been made this way and will continue to be made this way."

Samuels said demand for the drink "is continuing to grow at a pace we've never before experienced".

On why the company is not raising the price instead, Samuels said it was to stop the drink being "out of reach". "Dad's intention when he created this brand was to make good-tasting Bourbon accessible and to bring more fans into the fold, not to make it exclusive," he said.

A tasting panel at the distillery agreed there was "no difference in taste" between the new product and the old 45% Maker's Mark, according to Samuels.

He concluded with an appeal to drinkers to "allow us to prove that we didn't screw up your whisky".