Magic, which claims to be the UK's first all natural energy drink has to date gained significant momentum in the take-home trade and in a number of select off-trade venues since the early spring of this year.

But unlike many of the drinks on the market today, Magic claims it is free of chemically manufactured ingredients such as Taurine, preservatives or artificial colourings. Its main ingredients are Guarana, a seed containing natural caffeine, Ginseng, which is a renowned revitaliser, and Fructose a natural sugar found in fruit.

"Recent market trends have indicated a move towards natural products away from chemically-based brands and Magic is in the perfect position to fulfil consumer demand for something natural and different," said Mervyn Silver managing director of Megaboom Ltd, exclusive UK distributor for the brand.

Magic is currently sold in a number of countries worldwide and in a bid to raise brand awareness, the brand recently sponsored the official UK five-a-side football championship, Europe's largest amateur event with plans for further sampling programmes during 2001.

Produced in Sweden, Magic was launched to the home market in 1996 and is already sold in the UK in Welcome Break, Jet Conoco, Safeway forecourts, BP Safeway, Q8, Budgen Express forecourts, Sainsbury local stores, Sainsbury Shell forecourts, Selfridges and a number of cash and carry and wholesale distributors.