Luna Vineyards launches aCRISP Chardonnay in the US this month

Luna Vineyards launches aCRISP Chardonnay in the US this month

Luna Vineyards' Acrisp Chardonnay 2012

Category - Wine, US, California, white, Chardonnay

Available - From this month

Location - US, nation-wide

Price - Not specified

Luna Vineyards has launched a new Chardonnay in the US. The 2012 Acrisp Chardonnay is sourced from grapes grown in northern California.

Last year, Luna promoted its head finance officer to become its president & CEO.

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Chill those goblets and pack that cooler with ice. Because just in time for summer picnics and parties, there's an exciting new Chardonnay to try. Smooth as carmelized butter and crisp as summer white linens, it's the 2012 aCRISP Chardonnay, crafted by the prestigious Napa Valley winery, Luna Vineyards.

"aCRISP brings quality handcrafted wines that are budget-friendly to a marketplace caught in a tsunami of watery white wines," said Andre Crisp, president of Luna Vineyards Sales Company.

That's why aCRISP is introducing the 2012 aCRISP Chardonnay, a perfect reflection of Andre Crisp himself; youthful, fresh and vibrant yet at the same time complex and sophisticated. But the name also speaks to the wine's own exciting qualities. Soft notes of butter on the front of the palate lead to a balanced and layered mid palate and finish clean and crisp. It's a refreshing example of how the Chardonnay world is moving back to the classic nature of Chardonnay.

"The 2012 aCRISP Chardonnay is a voluptuous Chardonnay from vineyards in the cooler climates of Northern California. Chardonnay is well known for its characteristic tropical aromas and rounded, rich flavors. The weather during our 2012 harvest provided ideal growing conditions for its lush, yet perfectly balanced fruit," added Crisp who custom developed the taste profile for the aCRISP Chardonnay.

With decadent notes of butterscotch and carmelized butter plus the fragrant aromas of grilled pineapple and other tropical fruits, this is a Chardonnay sure to delight the palates of both serious Chardonnay fans and new consumers seeking a flavorful accessible wine that plays well with food.

aCRISP Wines is building a reputation on providing small lot premium wines with complex flavors priced under $20.00 on the shelf. aCRISP Chardonnay is currently being sold throughout the United States and abroad.

With its clever brand name and superb high quality at easy-on-the-wallet price points, aCRISP Chardonnay is already flying off the shelves and out-selling old established brand Chardonnays.

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