The low carbohydrate beer category continues to grow in the US, with the launch of an imported brand that claims to contain the fewest carbohydrates yet of any brand on the market.

Martens Low Carbohydrate, brewed by Brouwerij Martens of Bocholt, Belgium and imported by Elite Brand Imports was unveiled yesterday at the National Beer Wholesaler Association's (NBWA) 66th Annual Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas.

Martens Low Carbohydrate contains only 2.1 grams of carbohydrates per serving, the lowest carbohydrate count of any beer on the market, it says. However Martens hopes to distinguished itself from other low-carb beers by the fact it is an imported beer.

"The response to this beer has been incredible," said Rick Davis, Elite Brand Imports vice president, sales and marketing. "Martens Low Carbohydrate has three huge selling points that quite frankly the other low-carb contenders just don't have. It's got fewer carbs than any other beer, it's imported from Belgium, and it tastes like a regular, higher-carb beer."

It's now estimated that at least 24 million people in the US have tried the low-carb lifestyle. And food and beverage marketers are quickly developing low carbohydrate alternatives to capture a portion of is a growing market.