The producer of Piss, a full strength beer released on to the Australian market last June, has released a low alcohol version, called Piss Weak.Brain-child of Melbourne publican Chris Hodges, the brand is the extension of the successful Piss, which is now selling in all Australian states. Piss is to be launched in the UK in October at the opening match, between England and Australia, of the Rugby League World Cup. Hodges said that two containers - about 2,500 cases - would be shipped to London for the launch. Arrangements had been made with 20 Australian pubs in the UK to sell the beer. Piss Weak was chosen as the title because "it was too good a name to ignore," Hodges said. "Our observation is that people don't really care for beer wars. At the end of the day our customers want to have fun and that is the message we are trying to convey with our beers." Piss Weak is said to be an all natural beer which used aromatic hops "to achieve a unique yet smooth taste." Not everyone finds it fun, however. Piss and Piss Weak are produced by the PI55 Beer Co., so named because the Australian Securities Commission refused registration of the name, Piss Beer Co.Chris Snow