Overall exports were up from the Loire Valley region

Overall exports were up from the Loire Valley region

Exports of Loire Valley wines rose by 11% in volume and value last year on 2011, according to figures from trade body, InterLoire.

Global export volumes - comprising whites, reds, rosés and sparkling wines - totalled 436,231 hectolitres from the region, while shipments reached almost EUR200.6m (US$266.6m) in value.

Sparkling wines, the smallest sub-category, saw the strongest growth. Crémant de Loire, Vouvray and Saumur saw volumes rise 28% to 60,698 hl. In value terms, they grew 30% to EUR26.5m.

Shipments to the UK increased by 12% in volume to 81,545 hl and by 11% in value to almost EUR32.5m.

The UK is the biggest export destination for Loire wines in terms of volume, and second in value behind the US.

Exports to the US were up 11% in volume to 71,598 hl and generated sales of almost EUR45m, up 13%.

However, in emerging markets, exports to China by volume and value were down year-on-year, 14% and 16% respectively.