Leading brands, Inc has expanded its franchise for Virgin Drinks from Western Canada across to Ontario and Quebec, enabling the company to more than triple its potential market.

Leading Brands, Inc. has a target market of 10-16 year olds and is the largest independent food and beverage integrated brand management company in Canada, and the company is which is now preparing for a Virgin flavour extension in the Autumn and a brand extension in December is also engaged with Virgin Mega Stores, V-2 Records and BBC Canada Radio Programming.

CEO at Leading Brands, Inc. Ralph McRae said: "Our cross marketing programmes give us a distinct advantage in effectively reaching our target market."

"We are very proud of our expanding relationship with Virgin. The Virgin Group is an innovative specialist at building brand recognition, and working with the group in Canada, we have found them to be supportive partners and look forward to their continued support on this expansion and other future ventures."