The Virgin Drinks Company is to launch Virgin Fusion, a non-carbonated fruit, vitamin and mineral water soft drink into the US.

In addition to its carbonated soft drink brands, Virgin Fusion will be launched in 5 flavour varieties: Raspberry Tea, Lemon Cherimoya, Peach Feijoa, Grapefruit Lulo and Citrus Ginger.

All 5 flavours boast 12 vitamins and minerals and individually contain added ingredients for supplementary benefits - Peach Feijoa is powered with caffeine and guarana.

And Virgin Drinks believes it has succeeded in developing an innovative new beverage that will give consumers a product that will meet their refreshment and hydration needs.

"Our research confirms that consumers expect innovative, high quality products from the Virgin brand. We think Virgin Fusion will meet their expectations," said managing director, Bob O'Brien.

Research conducted this summer by Virgin Drinks apparently indicated increasing awareness of the high carbohydrate levels of many popular new age beverages. Many of these consumers say Virgin Drinks expressed the desire for flavourful yet lower sugar/calorie drink choices.

"Virgin Fusion is positioned between the 2 fastest growing beverage segments in this country - bottled water and new age beverages," says Sheryl Fischer of Virgin Drinks.

"Consumers told us that traditional new age drinks have too much sugar and bottled water doesn't have enough flavour. So we've taken the best of both," she added.

Virgin Fusion will be introduced in a 20 oz. Hot-fill PET package - designed not to look like a hot-fill package. O'Brien has described the smooth tight fit label as having a "very high quality, premium look."