Labatt is set to open its new US headquarters.

The US arm of the InBev-owned Canadian brewer confirmed yesterday (14 June) that the corporate headquarters in Buffalo, NY will be open from Monday. Labatt is relocating from Norwalk, CT, to Buffalo, a region that buys more Labatt product than any other area nationwide.

"I am pleased to go back to our regional roots, where we were headquartered years ago," said Glen Walter, Labatt USA's president. "We appreciate the important role Buffalo has played in our company's progress and are looking forward to becoming an integral part of the city's business community and social fabric. With close proximity to Canada, our core customers, and key business partners, Buffalo is important to Labatt USA's next phase of growth."

The new offices, located about an hour from Labatt's Toronto offices across the border, include marketing/sales offices and a sports-themed bar.

Labatt USA handles the importing and marketing of its Canadian brands in the US for InBev. The unit also imports and markets InBev's Brahma beer in the country.