La Jolla Fresh Squeezed Coffee Co. Inc. (OTCBB:LJCC), an emerging publicly traded gourmet coffee company strategically located in Southern California, Thursday announced that it has engaged Wall Street Marketing Group Inc. (WSMG) to provide investor relations support and services. Wall Street Marketing Group Inc. is a full service financial public relations firm that represents a variety of publicly held companies throughout the United States. WSMG specializes in investor education, analyst communications, media relations, market analysis, and development of corporate communications materials for its clients. Kurt Toneys, president of La Jolla Fresh Squeezed Coffee, stated, "Wall Street Marketing Group will help us educate and inform our shareholders, the investment community and the business and financial news media about the development and expansion of our product line and our newest retail & e-commerce sales initiatives along with the growth of our other corporate interests. Our goal is to heighten the company's visibility and shareholder value as we pursue our ambitious growth strategies." La Jolla Fresh Squeezed Coffee's cold-brewed coffee has the advantages of great taste, lower acidity and oil content, with the convenience of instant liquid coffee. The specialty coffee industry has grown from $1.3 billion in 1993 to an estimated five billion dollars in the year 2000.