Following the positive showing of by Distell's income figures earlier this week, KWV Investments, which derives its sole income from the Stellenbosch wine and spirits company, declared a 14% interim dividend of 55,88c per share for the six months to December.

KWV Investments, a JSE listed subsidiary of KWV Limited (which holds a controlling 55% interest) in turn has a 30% stake in Distell, which is also listed on the JSE.

For the first six months of its financial year KWV Investments' attributable earnings climbed 24% from 51,3 million to R69,9 million. Headline earnings after adjustments for profit on the sale of fixed assets, and amortisation of goodwill and exceptional items amounted to 145,5c a share compared with 119c a share for the same period in 2001.