Kronenbourg has said that it is looking to re-conquer the ailing French beer market by increasing its share in the country's HORECA sector.

"The aim is to increase market share of the HORECA trade from 34% to 40%," said Kronenbourg's Valentine Heliot today (23 April).

The new strategy, officially announced at the beginning of this year, has already seen the sale of Kronenbourg's in-house drinks distribution company, Elidis, to C10, an independent distributor for the HORECA sector in the country.

C10, which recently merged with Distriboissons, is now the leading independent HORECA distributor in France.

"Integrated distribution is an outdated business model," said Kronenbourg's communications director Jean Haensmaennel, at the time of the Elidis sale earlier this month.

The French beer market, which fell by 3.7% to 19.5m hectolitres in 2007, has been shrinking by about 3% per year for the last 20 years.

Kronenbourg, which is currently owned by Scottish & Newcastle, will come under Carlsberg's control when the break-up of S&N, between Carlsberg and Heineken, completes at the end of this month.