There are reports that Japan's second-largest beer maker, Kirin Brewery Co Ltd, has strengthened its indirect stake in Pernod Ricard. This follows a partial withdrawal by French bank, Societe Generale's subsidiary, Geneval, which has a stake in Pernod shareholder SIFA. Geneval is said to have sold its 31.8% stake in SIFA (Societe Immobiliere et Financiere Pour L'Alimentation), which owns 10.24% of Pernod and has 16.6% voting rights. Part of the stake has been acquired by Kirin, which now owns 47.5% of SIFA compared to 32.4% previously making it the holding company's biggest single shareholder. Other shareholders are Santa Lina (Pernod) and Don Rafael Gonzalez Gallarza, the head of Larios gin.