The UK's Scotch Whisky Association has reiterated to the Supreme Court that Indian whisky makers should be denied the right to use the words 'Scot' or 'Scotch' on their products as the words are "misleading".

In the latest of a long line of court appeals, India's Khoday Group, owner of whisky brand Peter Scot, has argued against the decision that it should remove its brand name from the register on the grounds that it could deceive consumers into thinking it was Scotch whisky.

Speaking to just-drinks today (28 November), Scotch Whisky Association spokesperson David Williamson said: "Various decisions are to protect the consumer from unfair and misleading practices. On each occasion, Indian courts have dismissed the appeals and agreed that the name is misleading to the Indian consumer."

The Association had also sought to restrain domestic manufacturers from using the trademark on the ground that only those who produce whisky in Scotland can use the word 'Scotch' to sell their brands, the trade body said.