La Jolla Fresh Squeezed Coffee (OTCBB:LJCC) Tuesday announced that they have achieved another important breakthrough in their extraction technology.

According to Stephen Corey, founder and head of research and development, "This is a milestone achievement in the history of our company because the increased efficiencies will allow us to capture business across the pricing spectrum. Extraction technology efficiencies are measured in several key areas; among these are yield per volume of coffee grounds, concentration level per volume of extract, flavor profile, brix count and processing time per cycle. In each of these categories, LJFSC has significantly increased performance resulting in an even better tasting, more cost effective, and higher quality product."

Though the technologies involved are extremely proprietary in this competitive industry, we can say that the breakthroughs came in the area of "flow interchange characteristics" between a given slug of coffee grounds being extracted and the specialized water affecting the extraction. In brief, we have figured out how to cause the ground coffee to aid the "flow boundary" rather than restrict it, which is a customary problem in the extraction field. This technology breakthrough will be monumental in ultra -- high volume extractions.

LJFSC is committed to an ongoing program of research and development in order to maintain and expand our leadership position in the field of cold water coffee extraction.

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