Coca-Cola is co-developing the Keurig Cold

Coca-Cola is co-developing the Keurig Cold

The Coca-Cola Co's Keurig Cold will be released next Autumn, the home carbonation system's co-developer has said, but details on how it will work remain vague.

Keurig Green Mountain, which signed a partnership with Coca-Cola in February, revealed yesterday that the Keurig Cold is on-track for launch ahead of next year's holiday season. The company also said it continues “to work very closely with our partner Coca-Cola in virtually all aspects of the Keurig Cold system”.

However, asked about the upcoming machine's carbonation system and specifications, Keurig Green Mountain CEO Brian Kelley would only say that the company is “extremely pleased with where we are in carbonation process”. The CEO, a former executive at Coca-Cola, added: “We are right where we want to be.”

Kelley was speaking to analysts after the release of Keurig Green Mountain's full-year results, in which the company announced that CFO Frances Rathke will step down next year. Keurig reported better-than-expected sales and profit for the fourth quarter, but shares fell because of lower-than-expected earnings forecasts.

Details on the Keurig Cold system have been sparse since Coca-Cola revealed it was working on the system with Keurig Green Mountain as part of a tie-up between the two firms. While other carbonation platforms, such as SodaStream, rely on refillable CO2 cannisters, the Keurig Cold is expected to use a chemical process for carbonation.

It is also expected to be able to send consumption data back to Coca-Cola.