For 50 years Frank Sinatra dominated music, television, film, and cabaret. One aspect of his artistry that is not as well known is his paintings. Beginning in the early '50s and up until his death in 1998, Sinatra would escape to his studio in Palm Springs and paint for friends and family, but rarely for exhibition.The Kahn Winery, a small family-owned producer of premium wine, has released a limited edition wine called "Cab Frank," which features the paintings of Sinatra. This is the second vintage for this highly collectible and sought after wine, first made in the year of Sinatra's death to celebrate the years of his life. The name is play on the Cabernet Franc grape, from which the wine is made."Frank's paintings have always been quiet," says winemaker Andrew Kahn, "Our goal was to create a limited quantity of the best possible wine in honor of what Sinatra had given us for so many years. Sinatra's songs have filled our cellar since the beginning and after his death we felt such a loss that we wanted to give something back." Andrew played Sinatra albums at all stages of the winemaking process, right up to the final labeling process."When we wrote a letter to the Sinatras we never expected a response." The Sinatra family has not only given its blessing to the project, but also opened up the vaults of the Sinatra studio and allowed the winery to use a self-portrait by Sinatra, which depicts him as a clown. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Frank Sinatra Foundation which supports a variety of educational causes.The wine is sold in a select group of retail shops and through the winery itself. The retail cost is $60 and will be limited to two bottles per household.