With the end of the year looming, just-drinks is running a series of 'Top Tens of the Year' in the run-up to Christmas.

Here are the ten most read comment pieces written by our regular columnists on just-drinks in 2011.

10: Wine - Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

We here at just-drinks could never condone applying make-up to the faces of farm animals. Chris Losh, however, is a stickler for such details - especially if it provides a suitable analogy for the global wine market.

9: Wine - What's Definitely Going to Happen in 2011

As 2010 decomposed slowly in its flat, forgotten by family and neighbours alike, and the newly-born one has its buttocks metaphorically slapped by the midwife of hope, Chris Losh took his annual look at the stories he felt we could definitely expect to be reading about in 2011.

8: Spirits - "And, the Winner iszzzzz..."

Every season appears to be awards season in our industry. And, while Ian Buxton bemoaned the number of awards up for grabs in brown spirits, his comments could also have been applied to beer, soft drinks, water and wine.

7: Soft Drinks & Water - Coca-Cola Amatil and SABMiller: A Profitable Separation

Drinksinfo's Ray Rowlands considered the potential outcome for Australia's Coca-Cola Amatil ahead of SABMiller's successful moves to acquire the Foster's Group's beer business.

6: Soft Drinks & Water - Quenching China's Thirst

Richard Corbett headed east and considered the potential - and the pitfalls - that China has for the soft drinks and water producers of the West.

5: Soft Drinks & Water - The Tightrope of Celebrity Endorsement

Despite the hopes of drinks companies' finance departments, the days of hiring a celebrity to push a product are still upon us. Richard Corbett looked not only at when a tie-up with a star has gone right, but also at when it has gone wrong. When it goes wrong, though, has it not also gone right?

4: Beer - Marketing For All: A Guide

Pete Brown is a well-known blogger on all things beer in the UK. His previous experience in the brewing industry sets him in good stead to cast his eye over the brewing landscape. Pete started his journey with just-drinks with a marketing moan, though.

3: Spirits - Diageo Eyes the Big Prize?

Diageo's Paul Walsh isn't short of people telling him what to do with his company's money. So, on the back of a strong set of full-year results in September, Richard Woodard decided to have a nose around the Diageo stable to see what is still missing.

2: Spirits - Beam Global Would Help Diageo Breach the Chinese Wall

An earlier set of results from Diageo spelt out one strong message, as far as M&A nut Richard Woodard was concerned. Let's watch him clap his hands and jump up and down as he tells us what he heard.

1: Beer - The Failings of the Global Beer Brands

Back in April, Pete Brown travelled to Denmark and bore witness to the latest attempt by a multinational brewer to give its flagship beer a global identity. This well-worn road, however, is beset by perils and pitfalls. For beer, Pete warned, even moreso.