With the end of the year looming, just-drinks is running a series of 'Top Tens of the Year' in the run-up to Christmas.

Here are just-drinks' ten favourite quotes in 2012.

10: “Corporate shareholders would resist any capital investment that didn’t start to pay back inside 18 months” - Pete Brown

9: “I would be disappointed with Diageo for looking to simply buy its way back into Tequila” - Olly Wehring

8: “Is the problem cheap booze per se, or a culture that encourages shoppers to buy more?” - Chris Losh

7: “Anyone saying that it's too late (to tap India and Brazil) is taking too short a view on our business cycle” - Patrick Piana, CEO of Remy Martin

6: “The industry is moving away from 'I'll have a pint of lager please' to something that's much more brand-driven” - Trevor Stirling, analyst at Bernstein Research

5: “NPD budgets have been slashed as soft drinks players have again looked to consolidate their portfolios” - Richard Corbett

4: “As soon as a product starts to be mentioned in the same sentence as “death”, it creates a nasty whiff” - James Wilmore

3: “Diageo may maintain that it isn't factoring India into its future Scotch plans. I find that hard to believe” - Olly Wehring

2: “There is a danger of confusion between the best medical evidence and the best medical campaigning” - Ben Cooper

1: “The 30-second spot on television is no longer the way to do it” - Gary Fanyard, CFO of Coca-Cola Co