This month a 50-year-old Glenfiddich Scotch whisky was released from Scottish distiller William Grant & Sons, at GBP10,000 (US$16,500) per bottle.

Here is a list of five of the most expensive drinks ever made, sold or auctioned.

1. The world's most expensive rum
Dating back to the 1940s and worth over $54,000, the most expensive rum in the world is a bottle by Wray and Nephew. The unopened bottle is one of only four known to be in existence. It comes from a Jamaican distillery, which was forced to abandon its distillation methods due to the 1930s Mai Tai craze draining their supplies. Experts say that it contains special brewing flavours, with some of the liquids and blends dating back to 1905.

2. The world's most expensive Tequila

A private collector hit the most expensive list with the purchase of a bottle of 'ultra-premium' Tequila for US$225,000. The Tequila comes in a gold and platinum bottle of Tequila Ley, filled with Pasion Azteca Tequila, made from pure sap of the blue agave plant that has been fermented, distilled and aged for six years.

Strangely enough, the most expensive product on the Tequila market is not actually Tequila itself, but a Blue Agave Tequila bottle worth between $1.3m and $1.5m.

3. The world's most expensive wines

The price of wines range extensively depending on vintage and vineyard. The most expensive wines in the world include the Screaming Eagle, 1992. At an auction in Napa Valley in 2008, six magnums of Screaming Eagle were sold for $500,000. In 1985 a bottle of 1787 Chateau Lafitte was sold for $160,000 at Christie's London. The wine was thought to be from the cellar of former US President Thomas Jefferson and had the initials Th.J etched into the bottle. However, a number of 100-year-old bottles of 'shipwrecked' 1907 champagne sold for $275,000 each. The bottles from the Heidsieck vineyard were lost in a shipwreck off the coast of Finland. In 1997 divers recovered 200 bottles, which were finally sold to guests at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow.

4. The world's most expensive vodka

Diaka Vodka was marketed as the world's most expensive vodka due to its filtration process, however no price has ever been mentioned. Made in Poland, nearly one hundred diamonds are used to filter the spirit. The vodka also comes in a bottle made with crystals. However, in competition there is now the Diva Vodka by Blackwood Distillers, a Scotland-based company. Diva vodka is filtered via Nordic birch charcoal and then through diamonds and gems. The bottle itself contains valuable stones, resulting in the price per bottle varying from US$3,700 to $1m, on the basis of which valuable stones are in the bottle.

5. The world's most expensive Cognac

In February 2008, the most expensive Cognac in the world, sold in Dubai, was presented by Mexican distilling company Ley .925 & Co. The Cognac, aged for 100 years in barrels that were air-dried for five years before use, was named Henri IV Dudognon Heritage after the French king, whose descendents have been producing it since 1776. The final product is 41% abv. However, it is the packaging that makes it the most expensive Cognac in the world. Designed by jeweller Jose Davalos, the bottle was dipped in 24k gold and sterling platinum and bejewelled with 6,500 diamonds. The Cognac is valued at nearly US$2m.