Campari released its full-year results today

Campari released its full-year results today

Campari's CEO has said Canadian whiskey can follow its Japanese and Irish counterparts in grabbing a larger share of the global brown spirits market.

Bob Kunze-Concewitz, whose company today (12 March) announced the purchase of Canada's Forty Creek Distillery, said Canadian whiskey is a “significant category” that rivals Bourbon for share of the US spirits market. He also said there are opportunities further afield for the category, which makes 90% of its sales in North America.

“I do think though that with the increased interest in brown sprites - where we're seeing increased interest in Irish and Japanese whiskey - I would expect Canadian whiskey to follow as well,” Kunze-Concewitz said in a call with journalists.

He also called Forty Creek, whose namesake whiskey has been the fastest-growing Canadian whiskey in Canada for the past six years, “a real gem”.

“If you look at all the Japanese whiskies and Irish whiskies, they are already in firm hands,” he said. “Canadian whiskey is in a different space... We're very excited about it.”

Campari today said it had posted a "satisfactory" set of numbers for 2013, with the Americas and Russia driving the performance.