The most popular items among just-drinks subscribers this week

The most popular items among just-drinks subscribers this week

Here are the ten most viewed, subscriber-only items on just-drinks this week:

10. just the Facts - Emperador Inc

After months of speculation, a buyer for Scotch whisky producer Whyte & Mackay finally emerged today (9 May). Philippines-based Emperador Inc has agreed to acquire the business from Diageo-controlled United Spirits for GBP430m (US$729m)

9. just On Call - Budweiser still needs work to reverse decline - A-B InBev chief

Anheuser-Busch InBev's CEO has admitted the company still has “work to do” to stem the decline of Budweiser's US market share, but is “heading in the right direction”.

8. The just-drinks Interview - Stock Spirits CEO Chris Heath - Part I

Late last month, just-drinks editor Olly Wehring met up with Chris Heath, the head of Stock Spirits. The two reflected on what has been a lively time for the UK company that operates predominantly in Central and Eastern Europe.

7. Preview - Tax Free World Association Asia Pacific Conference & Exhibition 2014

On Sunday (11 May), the Asia Pacific leg of Tax Free World Association's exhibition series kicks off. The event takes place against a backdrop of trading ills for international drinks companies in the domestic Chinese market. Joe Bates previews the exhibition and considers whether the China travails will seep into the region's broader Travel Retail channel.

6. Comment - Anti-Sugar and the Fruit Juice Fudge

To the casual observer, it was a sweet moment - the campaign director for a high-profile anti-sugar group delivering a fire-brand sermon to the massed ranks of the UK soft drinks industry.

5. Analysis - Brazil Price Hikes Set to Tax Brewers

How much will Brazil's beer industry be affected by the surprise tax increase announced last week? 

4: just the Answer: ProWine China's lead organiser, Marius Berlemann

Later this year, Shanghai will host the second ProWine China, a sister event to Düsseldorf's ProWein. Here, just-drinks' Andy Morton speaks to head organiser Marius Berlemann to find out how preparations are going for the November show.

3: Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Medicinal Water: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Ray Rowlands, of Drinksinfo Ltd, explores medicinal water, a segment of the bottled water category that, whilst offering undeniable health benefits, has been largely rejected by the global consumer.

2: Analysis – Carlsberg's Q1: Enough with the Resets

Another set of quarterly figures for Carlsberg; another accusatory stab at the brewer for its over-reliance on Eastern Europe. It seems Carlsberg can't cut a break, and the almost constant reset to a 'new normal' in the region must be exhausting – not just for Carlsberg, but for the whole brewing industry in Eastern Europe.

1. Comment - Wine - How Would You Like to Pay? Cash, Card or 'Phone?

A self-confessed technology-Luddite, Chris Losh has had his eyes opened this month to the future of transaction payment. Could the smartphone be the silver bullet for the wine industry?

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