The most popular items among just-drinks subscribers this week

The most popular items among just-drinks' subscribers this week

Here are the ten most viewed, subscriber-only items on just-drinks this week:

10. Analysis - Cott Corp searches for stability, but sale seems off-limits

With Cott Corp admitting this week that it is considering its options, one could be forgiven for concluding that the firm is desperate to find some calm at last.

9. Focus - Beam Inc's FY Performance by Region, Brand

Earlier today (5 February), Beam Inc announced a 4% rise in full-year reported net sales, helped by “above-market” growth in North America and Europe.

8. Editor's Viewpoint - BrewDog Chooses a More Suitable Target

Well, it appears that BrewDog's addiction to controversy is alive and (un)well. But, at least, the UK company's latest move has a more valid – albeit slightly bigger and more frightening – target in its sights.

7. Comment - Coca-Cola Co Threatens SodaStream's Fizz with Keurig Deal

Is SodaStream about to regret squaring up to the world's biggest soft drinks company?

6. just Five Years Ago: Constellation Brands sells 'value' spirits portfolio

It's been five years since Constellation Brands offloaded a large chunk of its spirits interests by selling its “value” portfolio to Sazerac Company for US$334m.

5. Research in Focus - Vodka and the Flavour Fatigue

The flavoured vodka category has been a growth engine of the spirits sector for some time, but new research from just-drinks suggests that the sub-category no longer represents the easy route to growth or the obvious 'go to' option for new product development that it did a few years ago.

4. Analysis - Energy drinks retain zip in face of negative press

How concerned are consumers of energy drinks about the health effects? What brands do they prefer and where do they drink the products? 

3. Comment - Wine - China's Wine Wave and Spirits' Lessons

With recent claims that China has become the world’s biggest consumer of red wine, Chris Losh considers what wine producers can learn from the current travails facing international spirits companies in the country.

2. In the Spotlight - 2014 Super Bowl Ad Showdown

After the Denver Broncos were comprehensibly beaten by the Seattle Seahawks 43-8 in yesterday's Super Bowl, some suggested the team needn’t have shown up. Could the same have applied to advertisers?

1. Editor's Viewpoint - Will Diageo's White Rum Foray Prompt Bacardi Buys?

The launch of the latest addition to the white rum category will have some folk in Bermuda and Miami in a bit of a flap at the moment, I imagine. 

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