The most popular items among just-drinks subscribers this week

The most popular items among just-drinks' subscribers this week

Here are the ten most viewed, subscriber-only items on just-drinks this week:

10. UK: William Grant & Sons to add to Girvan single grain Scotch portfolio

William Grant & Sons has justified the high price-point for its inaugural single grain Scotch whisky launch, and is set to launch two additions to the new brand next year.

9. BELARUS: Carlsberg's Olivaria Brewery switches CEO

Carlsberg-controlled Olivaria Brewery in Belarus has appointed a new CEO.

8. International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research Critique 126: Moderate Alcohol Intake may Lower the Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Moderate alcohol intake, compared with abstinence, has been related to lower inflammatory markers and a reduced risk of many auto-immune diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis (RA), systemic lupus erythematosus, autoimmure diabetes, and Graves hyperthyroidism.

7. FRANCE/US: Bordeaux producers aim to tackle image problem in US

Wine producers from France's Bordeaux region should focus on selling wines in the US$20 bracket in the US to help shake off the region’s expensive image among the country’s consumers, according to a senior executive at CA Grands Cru.

6. Analysis - LVMH has highest exposure to global emerging spirits markets

LVMH has the broadest exposure among its Western rivals to the world's emerging markets, in terms of its proportion of sales and profits from spirits, an analyst has said.

5. Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - PET Meltdown

This month, Ray Rowlands airs his concerns over the growing dependency of PET in the soft drinks industry and its negative impact on the environment.

4. Analysis - M&A landscape still looking good in spirits

Campari, Diageo, Pernod Ricard and Remy Cointreau are all well-placed to play parts in the M&A arena, although Pernod and Remy may be the quieter speculators going forward.

3. Comment – Wehring's Way – William Grant & Sons' Single Grain Scotch: Opportunity or Plaything?

There was an element of fanfare last week when William Grant & Sons unveiled what it claimed is “a break with whisky conventions”. The launch here in the UK of The Girvan Patent Still Single Grain 25 Year Old, announced on Friday (4 October) represents the company's entry into the single grain sub-category of the broader Scotch whisky sector.

2. Research In Focus - Vodka: Absolut game-changer

Is there a brand that has exerted a more profound influence on a drinks category than Absolut Vodka? Ben Cooper doubts it.

1. Comment - Wine - South African Attitude Shines at Beautiful South

Last month's Beautiful South tasting, hosted by Wines of Argentina, Wines of Chile and Wines of South Africa, gave Chris Losh the chance to compare and contrast the attitudes of the three wine-producing nations. This time around, it was the South Africans that impressed the most.

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