The most popular items among just-drinks subscribers this week

The most popular items among just-drinks' subscribers this week

Here are the ten most viewed, subscriber-only items on just-drinks this week:

10. just the Facts – Carlsberg and Chongqing Brewery

Earlier today (4 March), Carlsberg announced its intention to up its stake and take control of Chongqing Brewery in China. Here's a closer look at Carlsberg's presence in China, and Chongqing's position in the country's beer market.

9. just On Call - Nigeria beer market recovery dragging - Diageo

The head of Diageo's African operations has admitted that Nigeria's beer market is taking longer to recover than the company anticipated.

8. Comment - Molson Coors, SABMiller Spat: A Lovers' Tiff or Something More?

All relationships have their ups and downs. And, when it comes to business relationships, you can expect more than your fair share of frosty moments. But, the news that Molson Coors is suing SABMiller’s Canadian subsidiary, Miller Brewing Company (MBC), has raised eyebrows even among seasoned industry observers.

7. just On Call - Gruppo Campari aims for Germany recovery as dispute resolved

Gruppo Campari's relationship with a “key” German retailer is “back to normal” following a dispute, but its Aperol brand needs time to recover in the country, the company's boss has said.

6. Comment - Beer - Reinheitsgebot Exegesis

This month, the editor of Brewers' Guardian, Larry Nelson, is starting the celebration of the Reinheitsgebot a little early. Looking back, however, has prompted Larry to look forward and ask; what future for the ancient beer law?

5. Analysis - Britvic on course for recovery

Britvic is well positioned for a recovery in 2013, helped by its Fruit Shoot brand being back in full distribution and a new CEO, an analyst has said.

4. Comment - Marketing: Two Ways to Capture the Power of the Meme

Meme appears to be the word for a couple of soft drinks companies who are busy embracing the marketing potential of social media.

3. Comment - Wine - The Perils of Scaling The Chinese Wall

The wine world is looking east for the next big market. China has caught everyone's eye, thanks to some mind-blowing numbers of late. But, scratch the surface and, Chris Losh warns, there are still many rivers to cross to get to the promised land.

2. Comment - Wehring's Way: SPI Group, CEDC, Russian Standard, Stock Spirits, Belvedere - Behold! MegaVod!

Well, look at what we might have here. Is this the beginning of the rise of the mega vodka corporation of the future?

1. Comment - Wine - The UK Market: How to Avoid Dead Shark Syndrome

There’s a seminal moment in the film Manhattan when Woody Allen turns to his girlfriend and says: “Relationships are like sharks: they have to move forwards in order to survive. And what we have on our hands, my dear, is a dead shark.”

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