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Heres what was making the drinks news on this day in years gone by

Here's what was making the drinks news on this day in years gone by

Here's a look at what was happening on this day in...

Neil McGuigan, Australian Vintage's CEO, is not a man short of words. The affable, 55 year-old Aussie, who has been in charge for four years and is part of the family that started the company, is happy to tell it like it is on most subjects. Here, just-drinks' deputy editor, James Wilmore, talks to McGuigan about the state of the global wine market, the company's plans to get back into the US and the on-going tribulations at rival Treasury Wine Estates.

This month, Ian Buxton looks at attempts to increase environmental sustainability by Scotland's distillers, through the waste that they generate.

Ray Rowlands of Drinksinfo says progress is surprisingly slow in the soft drinks market's flavour mix, as cola and orange continue to dominate.

When the scientists are wheeled out to discuss the latest drinks scare story, we cow to their words. But, wait. Pete Brown has dug a little deeper, and found that their perceived statements of fact have quite a few holes. These holes, Pete feels, are opportunities for our industry - if only we've got the stomach to crawl through them.

Southern Comfort, which is inextricably linked with New Orleans, has sat in Brown-Forman's stable for over 30 years now, and has been the recent subject of a makeover. In this month's just the Answer, Olly Wehring talks to the brand's global marketing director about past performance, future opportunities and the danger of over-extending.

Following this week's news that Kirin Holdings and Suntory are in merger talks, just-drinks has compiled five essential facts on the Japanese beer market.

The burgeoning market for ultra-premium offerings, particularly in the US, has provided the Tequila category with high-value growth, allowing it to move on from its 'shooter and slammer' image of old. Richard Woodard reports on the growth in sipping Tequilas, the debate over the Mexican spirit's classification system, and the implications of the current over-supply of Tequila's basic constituent ingredient, blue agave.

A drink called 'Stiffys Shots' has fallen foul of a regulatory body in Ireland. 'Feckin Irish Whiskey', however, has been given the all-clear by Mature Enjoyment of Alcohol in Society (MEAS) Ltd.

Brown-Forman is in talks to sell its Bolla winery in Pedemonte, Italy to Italian wine group Gruppo Italiano Vini (GIV).

A lobbying organisation in the US has called for government health warnings to be placed on soft drinks. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) made the call yesterday (13 July), based on claims that teenagers in the country are drinking more high-calorie soft drinks than ever before. The amount of diet soda drinks consumed by teenagers in the US is on the wane, the Center added.

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