The price of fruit juice in the UK may jump by up to 25% on the back of the damage done by the recent hurricanes in the US, according to the British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA).

The BSDA said that not only had hurricanes in the US and Caribbean damaged orange crops, but that a drought in Poland had adversely affected the apple harvest, resulting in a 10% fall in apple juice supplies.

Orange juice prices have already risen in the US as news of the damage from the hurricanes was made public. Orange juice January delivery prices have hit a record US$119.90 on the US commodities market.

Richard Laming, BSDA public affairs manager said: "It is possible that retailers will be able to contain this within their existing prices but I wouldn't expect so on this scale.

"I think consumers should brace themselves for substantial price rises. The general trend is to try to keep prices down but fruit juice is a natural product and we can't beat the weather."