Left-right: passion fruit, mango, peach & rasberry.
UK-based 'thejuicecompany' has announced plans to launch four ready-to-drink smoothiepacks in three different volumes.

The four ready to drink 'smoothiepacks', which are available in mango, peach, raspberry and passion fruit flavours claim to be made of 100% pure crushed fruit and are 99.9% fat-free.

The four new variants will be available in 125ml, 250ml and one-litre Tetra Brik Aseptic (TBA) cartons, which according to the company, if stored in ambient/chilled temperature conditions ensure a shelf life of six months.

A sales promotion campaign including tasting, PR and a fleet of London black cabs depicting the 'smoothiepack' range will support the range.

The 'smoothiepack' 125ml has a suggested list price of £0.55p, the 250ml has a unit list price of £0.87p and a suggested retail price of £1.49. While the suggested retail price of the one-litre pack is £2.99 (unit list price £1.74).

Claiming to have no additives or preservatives, 'thejuicecompany' said: "Smoothiepacks are not UHT, produced from pure ingredients and the packaging process ensures that they are as fresh as the day they were produced without the need for refrigeration."