Jones Soda is to undertake a national advertising campaign in the US and has recruited the agency Cole & Weber United to work on the programme.

"We've tasked Cole & Weber with creating a programme that will support the sale of our 12-oz cans nationwide and we are very excited to work with such a creative and innovative agency," said Jones Soda president and CEO Peter van Stolk.

Mike Doherty, president of Cole & Weber, added: "Peter's vision and passion for the brand have inspired us all. Jones is an innovative brand that is a great fit with the unconventional approach of our work. Jones is a very fun, consumer-focused brand, and our challenge will be to maintain that integrity while creating a scalable programme."

Doherty said the fact that Jones is a premium brand with some key points of difference, such as its use of pure cane sugar rather than high-fructose corn syrup, made the prospect of developing the campaign "an exciting opportunity and a great fit with our strengths in food and beverage marketing".

Cole & Weber has created advertising for a number of other beverage brands, including Colt 45, Carlo Rossi, Livingston Cellars and Tree Top juices.