Click through to view John Distilleries Paul John Brilliance and Edited Indian whiskies

Click through to view John Distilleries' Paul John Brilliance and Edited Indian whiskies

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John Distilleries' Paul John Brilliance, Edited Indian whiskies

Category - Spirits, whisky, India, single malts, both 46% abv

Available - From this month

Location - UK, trade sales available from Speciality Drinks, also available online from The Whisky Exchange

Price - Brilliance RRP of GBP38.49 (US$58.85) per bottle, Edited RRP of GBP42.49

John Distilleries has followed the launch of Paul John Single Cask 161 last year with the release of two new single malt Indian whiskies.

Distilled in Goa, the two whiskies are called Brilliance and Edited.

Last month, local reports suggested that Beam Inc, Gruppo Campari, William Grant & Sons and ThaiBev were mulling buying a stake in John Distilleries.

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Having earned rave reviews for its debut Single Cask releases in 2012, Paul John Whisky has demonstrated extraordinary skill and consistency with the launch of Edited and Brilliance - its new flagship Single Malts.  

Distilled in Goa, Paul John has quickly gained recognition from the whisky community after launching as a brand in late 2012 with a series of Single Cask whiskies (limited to 150 bottles each) that received 94 point ‘Liquid Gold’* awards in The Whisky Bible.

Even more impressively, the new releases have surpassed these results with Edited receiving 96.5 points and Brilliance following closely behind with 94.5 points, thus putting them both firmly amongst the finest whiskies in the world.  Moreover, the same availability issues will not arise with these new releases as both are being produced as traditional Single Malts.  

In terms of styles, both whiskies also differ significantly:

  • Brilliance (46% Abv) - Distilled in traditional copper-pot stills, Brilliance is made from un-peated Indian malted barley and has been aged in ex-bourbon (American oak) barrels. Quote from Jim Murray from The Whisky Bible: “yet another astonishing malt from India.”
  • Edited (46% Abv) Distilled in traditional copper-pot stills, Edited is made from a combination of un-peated and a small amount of peated Indian malted barley and has been aged in ex-bourbon (American oak) barrels. Quote from Jim Murray from The Whisky Bible:  “…a sublime malt from the subcontinent. To be more precise: a world classic!”

Scotch vs Indian Whisky - The Temperature Factor

So what makes Indian whisky so different to Scotch?  With only 3 main ingredients at play – the grain, the water and the climate – arguably the biggest difference between Indian whisky and Scotch is the temperature at which they are matured.  Given Scotland’s cool climate, Scotch generally matures in its barrels at below 10°C and averages around 1.5% ‘angels share’ loss of liquid/year. On the other hand, Paul John Indian Whisky is matured in the tropical heat of Goa at temperatures of over 40°C, thus increasing the speed of the maturation process, but also leading to around 10% ‘angels share’ loss of liquid/year. 

Talking about the aspirations for the new launches, Sanjay Paul, Executive Vice President – Marketing & Overseas Operations at Paul John comments: “Whilst our Single Cask whiskies put Paul John on the radar amongst experts, the outstanding quality of Edited and Brilliance shows that Paul John has the ability to produce world-class whiskies on a consistent basis. As such, we expect these whiskies to draw interest from everyday whisky enthusiasts who want an exciting new experience that more than matches the finest that Scotland has to offer.

"Ultimately, these whiskies represent a major step forward in a journey for Paul John to become a brand internationally recognised for making truly distinguished whiskies.”

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