Jobs are under threat at Coca-Cola's operations in Sweden as the business restructures its distribution network in the Scandinavian country.

The soft drinks giant's local arm, Coca-Cola Drycker, said today (8 December) that a major customer, Swedish retail group Ica, is to handle the distribution of Coke products throughout the country.

The change means that Coca-Cola Drycker will no longer distribute its product to the retail chain, a company spokesman said.

Coca-Cola Drycker is also removing two production lines from one of its sites in Sweden and is switching from using recyclable PET bottles rather than re-usable PET.

Up to 130 jobs could be lost from the 800 employees Coke employs in Sweden. The spokesman refused to be drawn on the exact scale of the job losses.

Amid the changes, Coca-Cola Drycker has also launched energy drink brand Burn in Sweden. The brand, which is available in a number of European markets including Spain and Belgium, will attempt to eat into the dominance of Red Bull in Sweden.

The category is booming in Sweden due to the popularity of Red Bull and cheaper, own-label brands but the spokesman added: "There is a big demand for a new energy drink product in Sweden."