Jim Beam Brands is to launch its collection of Small Batch Bourbons in the UK market, which includes the four brands Booker's, Baker's, Basil Hayden's and Knob Creek.The super-premium collection was created with the experienced Bourbon drinker in mind and was introduced into the UK with the hope to mirror the product's US success, where it has become the market leading collection.The imported American whiskey sector is the third fastest growing spirits sector in the UK off-trade and amongst the fastest growing in the on-trade. Maxxium, JBB's UK distributor, believes the time is right for the launch of the range.Paul Murray, senior marketing manager for Maxxium UK said: "Bourbon is a category which shows phenomenal growth potential. There are several factors driving incremental sales but amongst the most important are that palettes are becoming more sophisticated and people are searching out drinks that make them stand out from the crowd." The four brands have decidedly different tastes, to match different drinker's palates.Booker's: The first Small Batch Bourbon to come onto the market in 1989. Apparently the rarest Bourbon available, it is uncut, unfiltered and at 121-127 proof extremely full bodied.Baker's: This is a smooth, balanced 7-year-old Bourbon, with a consistent, well balanced flavour from batch to batch. A sweet, silky Bourbon that sits best with the after dinner drinker.Basil Hayden's: This is a relatively mild Bourbon for the collection at only 80% proof. The recipe has about twice as much rye as normally used in Bourbon production, resulting in a peppery taste and aroma that is best served with ice. This has a broader appeal than its counterparts.Knob Creek: Distilled for nine years, it absorbs more sugar than the average Bourbon, resulting in a sweeter taste and nose. It is hand bottled at a full bodied 100% proof with a fruity taste and a rich, glowing finish.